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XML Integration

It is possible to perform an integration of our sales service platform via an XML file. The XML file exported by us daily will update your inventory with our current availability of the products in stock. This will help you avoid to place "virtual orders" that cannot be processed due to product unavailability.

When the integration is done our stock levels will be identical as your stock levels and your customers will not be able to order products that are currently unavailable.



The XML file is located at:

7heaven is a unique brand that does not follow trends but creates them.7heaven lingerie and accessories are both luxurious and affordable. 7heaven lingerie and accessories are made from the highest quality materials and fabrics mainly of European origin. All lingerie models are made in Poland.7heaven is also a brand that is not afraid to experiment and surprise. New products are added to our collections throughout the season – so watch out for the news as our collections keep growing the whole time. The collections currently include lingerie, dresses, vinyl and imitation leather goods as well as accessories.

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